Creating high quality posts for Instagram

As a social media platform, Instagram has one of the best engagement rates. Instagram users tend to be more active and engaged than users on Facebook and Twitter and, on average, spend more time on the platform.

Spring clean your website and review your content

When spring is in the air it often inspires the urge to de-clutter, clean and streamline. This does not just apply to your wardrobe and the dusty corners of your house - your website would also be likely to benefit from the same treatment.

What makes a landing page which converts?

When you are creating landing pages, the key piece of information you need to start is an understanding of what it is you are trying to achieve.  Only once you have a clear idea of the goal for your landing page can you create a strategy for achieving it.

Split Testing - What is it and why should I do it?

How can your content be further optimised? Without data, this could be a hard question to answer. Split testing offers an easy way to generate the results needed to improve your content and give it the edge.

Getting Started on Conversion Optimisation

If you've developed a content strategy that is attracting people to your site, it's time to turn your attention to turning those visitors into sales. This process is called conversion optimisation.

Working with Buyer Personas

Before starting any marketing exercise, it is important to do some work on personas.  I know that sounds like a bit of marketing speak which you can safely ignore but, in fact, defining your personas is one of the most important marketing exercises you can undertake.

How do you write SEO friendly web copy?

When it comes to SEO, one of the things we advise our clients is that regularly updating their website with fresh, relevant, unique content is hugely important.

Do you need to use a professional copywriter for your website?

A business website always needs written content.  It is a mistake to think that once you have a website, that’s it, you can just sit back and let the enquiries or sales roll in...

Content Marketing - Advice for Estate Agents

Content Marketing is a very broad term and there is no one formula which will suit all types of business.  Content which is suitable for a business to business relationship, for instance, is very different to content which is better for a business to customer relationship. 

What are long tail keywords – and why should you be focussing on them?

You have probably heard the term, ‘long tail’ it has been around since it was coined in 2004.  All those years ago, the internet provided retailers with a new opportunity for selling ‘more of less’.

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