Internal Link Strategy for SEO

Everyone knows that link building is one the core tenets of an effective SEO strategy. Along with content and user experience, links are one of the most important signals used by search engines to rank your page.

Quick Guide to Digital Christmas Marketing

It's the most wonderful time of the year for some Christmas Digital Marketing tips from all of us here at Rumble!

How to Grab Your Reader’s Attention

Eight seconds. That, according to a study from Microsoft in 2015, is the average time it takes a person to lose concentration.

How Google Ranks Websites

The secrets behind Google’s search engine are the holy grail of digital marketing. Countless people have scrutinised every line of code available on Google’s webpages, poured over the speeches of Google execs, and come up with some crazy ideas about what might boost a website in the rankings.

An Introduction to Google Web Vitals

Prioritising user experience will make customers want to spend longer on your site and buy more.

Video Marketing - Benefits and SEO

On today’s internet, video content is king. Video already accounts for over 80% of web traffic, and is only growing - according to a survey by Hubspot, customers want to see video content more than any other kind. In the past few years, video has risen from a marketing tactic to an integral part of modern digital marketing.

What Is Dwell Time & SEO

Imagine a user visiting two websites from a search engine. They click on the first, look at it for around thirty seconds, then return to the search engine. They visit the second website and stay for ten minutes. They read the content and navigate around the site before returning to the search engine.

Kick start your marketing after lockdown

As we start to consider what things will look like post lockdown number three, its time to start thinking about marketing for your business again...

A timeline of major Google Updates

Google makes hundreds of updates to its core and periphery search algorithms every year. This timeline looks at the major updates over the last ten years.

Email Marketing for business growth

Email marketing and its role in growing your business.

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