Pay Per Click Marketing


On average, 41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the seach results page.


Display advertising has proven to increase traffic to websites by 300%.


PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.

Pay Per Click Advertising & Google Ads

Pay per click advertising is a great tool to build site traffic quickly and is helpful when you want to get your site to the top of the page in Google search...

...Especially if you are still trying to improve your organic search ranking, which can take some time.

However, setting up and managing a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign can take a fair amount of time and specialist knowledge, making it a steep learning curve for many. Poor setup and monitoring leads to poor campaign performance, disappointing results and can prove to be an expensive waste of time.

Our pay-per-click advertising specialists can offer expert advice and support with both new and existing campaigns to make sure your online advertising does not miss the mark and delivers the results you are looking for.

Rumble Digital Marketing - Pay Per Click marketing

Keyword Research & Planning

Initial keyword research is the first step. The Google Keyword Planner offers the opportunity to understand search volumes, likely cost and competition for your chosen keywords.

Google Trends is another good tool which enables you to look at the popularity of specific keywords and compare them against others over a given period of time.  It is important to also look at how competitive keywords are when planning your campaigns.  If you keep things too broad, your keywords are likely to be more expensive and less effective.  This is particularly problematic if you are competing in a crowded field or are a small fish in a big pond as you will always struggle to compete.

Keyword research and planning

An understanding of long-tail keywords and how they can work for you is helpful here.  Generally, longer tail searches are lower volume but more targeted.  You are generally speaking better off targeting more lower volume keywords than fewer higher volume keywords in terms of the return on your advertising spend.

For more information on keywords see our blog ‘Keyword research and why it’s important’ and  ‘What are long-tail keywords and why should you be focussing on them’


If your chosen keywords are in a very competitive field, they will be expensive, this could eat through a modest budget fairly quickly.

Thinking about being more specific or about longer tail keywords will help. Limiting the time of day your adverts are seen is another way of making your budget go further. For instance, if you can identify the times when your customers are most active online and restrict your adverts to those times, your budget will go further. Similarly, restricting by geographic location may be appropriate to your business. Looking at different bidding strategies is another.


You have relatively little space to get your message across and so ad copy needs to be well targeted, otherwise you can find yourself with a high number of clicks but not enough conversions.

Whilst it is possible to change your bid strategy so that you only pay for a particular action (conversion) instead of simply just paying for clicks, it is still important to make your ad copy work hard for you.

It may be best for you to have a number of highly targeted adverts instead of a single one, this is a good strategy when you are targeting longer-tail keywords and phrases.  The more specific your advert is, the more specific the landing page content needs to be.

Making use of the various additional extensions you can include in ads like site links, call-out extensions, ratings and location information is useful for customers and also helps to make your ad copy stand out on the screen.

Landing Pages

Generating the clicks through to your website is the easy part, however if those clicks don’t convert into customers, it's money wasted.

The key to a successful campaign and a good ROI is a strong offer on your landing page leading your customers to the action you want them to take.  As we mention above, it is best to have unique landing pages for specific adverts.  You landing pages should offer a strong call-to-action and it needs to be obvious what your site visitor needs to do next.  Simply sending people through to your home page is not going to be good enough.  There is no real limit to the number of ads and landing pages you can set up.



Like any form of digital marketing, it is important to regularly measure results.

Ongoing campaign management means looking at click through rates, individual ad performance and conversions and making any necessary refinements to optimise the success of your campaign.  If you find that a specific advert is performing well, try to establish what is making that ad more successful than the others and replicate it.  Running multiple versions of ads allows you to effectively test which copy is working better for you. 

How Rumble can help

We run campaigns for a number of clients and offer either a full ongoing service or just initial set up as required.  Undertaking thorough initial research before setting up your campaign is the key to success.

We do this by looking at your business, your motivation for utilising Pay Per Click, keyword cost and competition, as well as your target audience to ensure that your ad campaign delivers the results you want.

Following our initial research, we will provide a campaign strategy helping to maximise your budget by looking at keyword competition, preparing persuasive ad copy and providing campaign specific landing pages if required.

Monthly reporting and performance analysis ensures your campaign remains effective throughout.

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