What are long tail keywords – and why should you be focussing on them?

You have probably heard the term, ‘long tail’ it has been around since it was coined in 2004.  All those years ago, the internet provided retailers with a new opportunity for selling ‘more of less’.

What are long tail keywords – and why should you be focussing on them?

In theory, the market demand for less popular (more niche) goods as a comprehensive whole could rival the demand for more popular, mainstream goods. 

The same principle holds true for your internet keywords.  Long tail keywords are more specific search phrases which generally will provide a lower volume of traffic but a higher conversion rate.   It is worth spending time researching how you can leverage longer tail keywords to bring higher converting traffic to your site, especially if you are operating in a competitive market where larger companies are dominating search results for more simple keywords.  As a smaller business, it will be very difficult for you to compete with the SEO budget of larger companies and gain visibility for more common keywords.    

Finding appropriate long tail keywords does take a bit of time and you have to understand your market and do your keyword research thoroughly, but it is absolutely worth taking the time to do this.

To give you a real-world example of this, imagine a small firm of residential conveyancing solicitors in Tiverton.  Looking at possible keywords at one end of the scale, a search for ‘solicitor’ (performed an average of 27,000 times per month) is going to give the searcher 35,800,000 possible results, many of which are not relevant to their search.  Refine that to ‘solicitor Tiverton’ and you reduce the number of monthly searches, and the results, to 76,700. Refine it further to ‘Conveyancing Solicitor Tiverton’ and you are down to 50,600 results, a further refinement to ‘Residential Conveyancing Solicitor Tiverton’ will reduce the results even further to 24,500 from far fewer searches and provide much more relevant results for the searcher and consequently, better-targeted traffic to the business’ website.

Using this approach to keyword targeting is effective for all types of businesses, whether you are selling products or services and can bring you highly relevant traffic, you do however need to ensure that, in order to benefit from this, the content which the searcher is presented with, when clicking through to your site, is highly relevant to the search they have performed.  In the example we have used above, someone who clicks through to the solicitor’s site from the search for ‘Residential Conveyancing Solicitor Tiverton’ should not land on a generic homepage, but a page which has been designed specifically, with thought to how that initial enquiry can be taken to the next stage. 

As well as individual landing pages, you can create permanent site content with these long tail searches in mind.  This could be through a business blog, company news pages, website copy, fact sheets or videos.  Our Tiverton based solicitor may also provide family law and probate services at their Tiverton office.  If so, they should also have specific, relevant content on their site which addresses these searches as well.

We offer a range of digital marketing services, aimed at smaller businesses, which are designed to improve search engine visibility, improve site content and maximise conversions.  For more information, visit our digital marketing pages or contact us.

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