Post lockdown housekeeping jobs

If you are starting to return to work following the easing of restrictions here in England, or anticipating getting back soon, there are some housekeeping jobs you can do to kick start your marketing again and hopefully get your website working harder for you.

Strategies for business recovery from Coronovirus

Many businesses are starting to make a tentative return to trading after some weeks locked down - although, we all acknowledge it will still be some time before we return to normal, whatever that will mean in the future.

6 Marketing activities for lockdown

Here in the UK we are facing the prospect of at least a further 3 weeks of lockdown. That is keeping many of us away from our businesses and away from our customers.

Communicating through the crisis…

You may be wondering how best to communicate with your customers through the current situation. Many businesses have had to adapt their trading model rapidly to suit a fast-moving situation, in an effort to continue to serve their customers.

Getting the tone right…

Many of us are wondering how to get the tone right in our marketing communications during an unprecedented period of global crisis.

How have the recent Google updates impacted your search position?

You may have noticed that there have been some updates with Google search which have impacted your search position since the new year. One of the main impacts which we have observed is with regard to the featured snippet...

6 reasons why your marketing is not getting the results you want.

It’s not a good feeling… You have spent time planning and executing a marketing campaign only to find that it falls flat, failing to provide the results you had hoped for.

Social Proof Explained

Imagine you’ve just arrived in a new city and you’re looking to go out to get dinner. Having never visited before, you’re unsure where to go. How do you choose? Perhaps you follow the advice of a restaurant critic and visit somewhere that they’ve reviewed well. Maybe your friend has been to the city before and recommended somewhere else.

The Benefits of Long-form Content for SEO

When you search for information online, the pieces of content that rank at the top of search engines are increasingly longer, larger, and more in depth than they used to be.

Keyword Research and why it's important...

Every year, there are an increasing number of blogs proclaiming the death of keywords as an SEO tool. We’ve made the point ourselves on occasion, when talking about the importance of quality content. But, while it’s true that search engine algorithms have evolved so that stuffing keywords into the text no longer works, that doesn’t make keywords obsolete.

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