Successful B2B Online Marketing

A service based business needs to take a different approach to marketing to a product based business, especially B2B. When you have no physical product to sell, things become a bit trickier in some ways, especially when looking at digital channels.

Successful B2B Online Marketing

It is easy to see how a product based business can utilise platforms like Facebook and Instagram and Adwords to sell products. When you are a service business what you are selling is less tangible. You are selling, to a great extent, either ideas, your expertise or promises.

Be Visible

Optimising your online visibility is a key to being found by potential customers in the first place. Make sure you have your business listed with Google My Business and claim your listing. It is also worth looking at online directories as they help to improve your local SEO. Ensuring your website is well optimised with good quality, keyword rich information is also a good way of bringing potential clients to your site. This could be in your page copy as well as in the form of blogs, news items and other information which answers common questions and generally helps potential customers in their search for information. See our blog post - How do you write SEO friendly web copy? for more information on this.

What is your USP?

Think about what makes your company unique and differentiates you from your competitors. In service based and b2b businesses, It is likely that you will be competing with similar businesses who are doing the same job. If the end result to the client is broadly the same, whoever they choose, there must be a differentiating factor to make them choose your company over that of a competitor. This could be speed of fulfilment, price, guarantees or other benefits which you offer which others don’t. Using your website, social media and online content to reinforce your unique selling point is a great way to communicate what it is that makes your company different.

Be an expert

When looking for business services online, many people start by gathering information. It may be that they need information on costs, procedures or the legalities relevant to your industry. If your website can provide information in the form of page content, online guides, downloads and blog posts which answer their questions they will start to form a relationship of trust with your company. This is a great first step towards them becoming a client. Online information, especially that which answers common questions, is also great for your websites SEO and helps to bring people into your website who are looking for answers.

Understand your ideal customer

All of the above ideas need to be seen in conjunction with targeting towards your ideal customer. Understanding who you are aiming your service at and what drives their purchasing decisions is a key part of the process of directing your marketing towards them. If you know who you are targeting it becomes much easier to think about what messages will resonate with them.

Although product based businesses may seem like a better fit for online marketing, a well thought out online marketing strategy can be extremely effective for service businesses. Whilst they may lack the ability to have a great visual presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, there is a huge amount that can be done to boost your online presence. For more information on digital marketing strategy for service businesses and to arrange a free consultation – get in touch. For more tips and advice, download our free online guide.

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