Why Estate Agents need digital marketing more than ever...

In a slow or tricky market, when income may be affected, most businesses will look at their costs and make changes which may save some outgoings. Marketing budgets are often a soft target for times when income is reduced or sporadic.

Why Estate Agents need digital marketing more than ever...

Estate agency has traditionally used print marketing and advertising very effectively, however, as estate agency, even on the high street has moved to an increasingly on-line environment, a more digital approach is required. It is pretty much a given that you need to have a website and to list property on the online portals. Digital marketing goes beyond simply uploading properties to a portal and your website. Some agents have taken a bit of time to embrace the benefits of inbound - some have yet to realise the benefits it can provide with many agents still not using their online presence as effectively as they might.

Digital marketing, whether that is via content creation, social media marketing, search engine optimisation or search engine marketing is part of a general 'inbound' marketing strategy which tries to 'pull' customers towards you rather than a business attempting to 'push' their marketing towards you. Although spending on social media and other digital channels may seem like something which should only be resourced when times are good - there are some compelling reasons to continue momentum, even when things are not so bouyant.

It's cost effective

One of the main advantages of continuing to use digital channels is that it is cost effective and can be actioned quickly. Even if you outsource some of the work to a professional agency like Rumble, the cost need not be prohibitive.

It has huge potential reach

Social media is a great way to get property details and informaton in front of a large number of people. It is a great way to promote your blog content as well.

It's targeted

Traditional outbound techniques like leaflet drops and adverts in print media rely on blanket coverage in an effort to reach those who may be interested, but you never really know who you are going to be reaching. A well targeted promoted social media post on the other hand can be seen by individuals with specific interests in specific locations. Content which is written with the reader in mind can be found when people are searching for information.

It brings potential customers to your website

One of the great advantages of blog content on your website is that it enables you to answer common questions with the added advantage of channelling people who are potential customers towards you. Well optimised content which is there to provide information can be found in search and helps to cement your reputation as an expert.

It is great for SEO

Google loves fresh site content. When you add content to your site, your site content is indexed more often which is good for visibility. Google also loves providing high quality information rich content which is relevant to people's searches.

It shows you have an understanding of your customer

The housing market is a topic which we never seem to get tired of talking about. If the market is quiet, this is a topic which is, in itself, of interest to a lot of people. Estate agents who continue to use their website and social media channels to publish content during more uncertain times will continue to attract visitors. Those who cut back and lessen visibility will have a harder time getting it back when things do improve.

Your competitors may not be doing it

In a competitive market, any way which you can amplify your voice above that of your competitor is good. Publishing valuable content cultivates and nurtures your customer relationships and helps to build trust. This will hopefully pay dividends when things pick up again.

Marketing spend should be considered to be the investment needed to bring in new customers, and cultivate existing ones, rather than just viewed as another, non-essential cost to the bottom line. Inbound marketing in particular is an investment in building trust in your expertise and building relationships.

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